What If…Healing is the application of love to places that hurt?

openheartWhat a difference a year makes…and the irony that I chose to see the movie, “Love and Other Drugs” with my Mom over the Thanksgiving holiday isn’t lost on me.

You see, last year at this time I was in hell – pure, unadulterated hell. Having suffered with both Depression and an Eating Disorder since the age of 11, being ‘sick’ was something I had become rather adept at…and not because it served some higher purpose or unmet need. I just always felt tired and not quite right and then seemingly out of nowhere I would get hit by extreme exhaustion every 5 years or so and be subsequently sidelined for months at a time. When this last bout hit, I wasn’t sure if I even wanted to face the inevitable darkness again.

Enter my Healing Angels (Dr. Janice Roosevelt Gerard, Dr. Paul Bohn, Eve Nadel, Mom, Wesley Sen, Karen Winograd, Dr. Lin Morel, Rhoda Pregerson & Dr. Habib Sadeghi) — all of whom I love dearly. Not only because they believed in me until I could believe in myself again, but because they restored me to an optimum state of health, both mind, body and spirit. Oh what a long, strange trip it has been…

How does this relate to the movie I just saw? LOVE was and continues to be the greatest healer of them all. Then, there were the ‘other drugs’ (psychotropics, IV’s, supplements, nutri-energetics & infoceuticals) and alternative modalities (Scenar, acupuncture, UVB & most recently ‘bee sting therapy’). Similar to the main character in the movie, I was diagnosed with a malady that was wreaking havoc with my nervous system (along with a litany of other ailments that had gone undiagnosed for 43 years!)

You see, I was diagnosed with Mercury toxicity, Leaky Gut, Wilson’s Syndrome, Hypothyroidism & the Epstein-Barr virus to name just a few. There were no words, no tears, no relief at the time of diagnosis…I was numb. Dr. Sadeghi saw the depth of my pain, my ruptured spirit and looked me straight in the eye and said something along these lines: “You are a very complex case and have been through hell and back many times. The good news is that I can help you. You have a strong constitution and I promise you that after about 17 chelation treatments, the lights will go back on.” Then there was silence, a pregnant pause and a penetrating stare followed by: ‘You need to promise me that you are on board and will see this through.” He knew that I was contemplating ‘checking out’ and I committed in that moment to embrace what little life force I had left.

What I have come to learn is that Mercury embeds itself in your NEUROTRANSMITTERS and IN YOUR FAT CELLS. Was it any wonder that my dis-eases manifested as Depression and an Eating Disorder? I think not! It all became clear…and I was told that it could all be remedied. REALLY?! I was afraid to believe in that possibility. Why? Because I had been disappointed so many times before and I was REALLY TIRED.

I embraced this this team of Healing Angels and trudged my way through 50 IV’s, dozens of Scenar treatments and chugged myriad supplements. FAITH & HOPE were my other drugs of choice throughout the process.

A few weeks after Thanksgiving 2009, the lights came back on for me (both literally & figuratively) — just as Dr. Sadeghi had said they would. Today, on this last day of Hannukah, my heart is filled with love and gratitude for the encouragement and support of Dr. Sadeghi and his incredible staff at Be Hive of Healing. Each and every one of them has been a bright light on my journey to wholeness and I am blessed to know them.

Enter 2010 and my recent blood test results — stellar! I will be forever grateful to Dr. Habib Sadeghi for taking the lead and guiding me on a healing journey that surpasses them all. Although I was skeptical at first, there really was a method to his ‘madness’ (a passion & expansive knowledge of healing) that undeniably makes the world a better place.

Dr. Sadeghi’s series of protocols were the impetus to vitality and optimal health for me, from the inside out. Kinda similar to how the Shamos candle kick-starts the process of keeping the Hannukah lights burning for 8 days straight. I am so very GRATEFUL that I didn’t give up five minutes before the miracle happened, because MIRACLES do happen! I look forward to my candle burning brightly for another 80 years (since I do happen to have longevity on both sides of my family despite myriad medical obstacles).

HAPPY HOLIDAYS to Dr. Sadeghi and to my entire team of Healing Angels. I love you all and hold you close to my heart, today and always. Look out world — I’ve got lots of LIVING & LOVING to do .

With love, gratitude & humility,
Jamie Feldstein