What Constitutes An Amazing Woman?

brainmessages2When Marsh Engle posed this question, what immediately came to mind was a poem that my brother gave me about 10 years ago. If you’re not familiar with the work of  Mary Anne Radmacher, I highly recommend that you google her.  In the meantime, here is the poem…and my musings of what AMAZING WOMAN’S DAY means to me.

‘she lives’

she dances. she sings. she takes. she gives. she serves. she loves and creates. she dissents. she enlivens. she sees. she grows. she sweats. she changes. she learns. she laughs. she sheds her skin. she bleeds on the pages of her days. she walks through walls. she lives with intention. mary anne radmacher

Don’t you just love that?!?! After marinating in these delicious words for a while, here is what came through as I put a pen to paper.


A: she accepts invitations with alacrity

M: she is memorable

A: she is astute & aware

Z: she is zealous

I: she is inspired

N: she is noble

G: she is graceful & grounded

W: she is wise

O: she is open to a world filled with opportunity & possibility

M: she is majestic

A: she is alive & animated e is nurturing to herself & others

‘: she punctual

S: she is a sage & sing board


D: she is both demonstrative & daring

A: she is alive

Y: she says YES with an open heart