The Embodiment Of Voice

holographI had only been living in LA for about a year when I met Marc Miranda. A new friend, a compelling conversation and a simple request further led me down a path that was clearly evolving into my life’s work….the exploration of health & wellness from every angle imaginable — holistic, alternative, complementary, East/West, call it what you will — I perked up every time I talked about it, not unlike a sunflower that resolutely follows the sun.

A simple question from Marc:  ‘Would you be interested in participating in a documentary that I’m working on?’ followed by my immediate response: ”Sure, why not?’ led to a series of interviews, culminating in a snowy trek to an enchanting location called the Voice Farm in the heart of Yosemite where I was introduced to Warren and Marty Barigian and a modality known as Vocal Bio Matrix.  Surrounded by the majesty of Redwoods and crisp, white snow, the Barigians welcomed us into their quaint ranch-style home equipped with beautiful handmade quilts.  In that moment, I was literally and figuratively escorted into another realm of existence.

I had done a little research on Warren Barrigian (most of it dating back to work he had done with Meatloaf and Jackson Browne, both who acknowledge Warren’s work as the catalyst to resurrecting their careers) Marc had tried to explain how Warren’s work had transformed his life but it became clear that was going to be yet another ‘experiential adventure’ for me – my favorite kind.

We warmed up, had lunch and watched a bit of football before I was escorted into a wood-paneled room with Warren; I recall seeing myriad musical instruments that I wasn’t familiar with and I remember a few moments of tapping on my upper chest and back. Then (presumably hours later) I awoke with tears streaming down my cheeks, my head resting on Warren’s chest and acutely aware that I was sobbing from a deep place within my being.  I remember sleeping well that night and although I wanted to put words to the experience, I had none — it was beyond words, something had shifted deep within my soul. I felt lighter & peaceful, although a bit anxious wondering how this experience would translate into my daily living.

When I asked Marc to expound on his own experience recently, he reiterated my sentiments that the work is beyond words but he proffered the following.  “I suffered from a severe case of stage fright. I tried meditation, self help tapes, mantra’s, and books yet none of these produced any changes. After a session with you (Warren) I walked out a different person. You (Warren) were able to knock down barriers that none of the other methods could. I now know the difference between an artist and a con-artist. An artist’s frees the will; a con-artist manipulates the will. You (Warren) are the former.”
Marc went on to say in a recent email. “Just for the record you (me) were one of the few people that I met who was receptive to the idea of having the work done.” Hmmm…what does that say about me?;)

A few quotes about Warren Barigian:
“He can do everything he says he can do.” ~ Jackson Browne
“I can’t explain it…He worked with me and now I can sing better than I ever could. ~Meat Loaf (myriad articles report that Warren Barigian assisted in rescuing Meat Loaf’s voice when Pavarotti’s voice coach, psychiatrists and even hypnotists had failed to restore it.

The work is currently being taught by Marty Barigian, who can be found at

Per the web site: For the first time in 40 years, Seeker of the Universe will be training students in the philosophy and techniques of this very unique scientific, holistic work. You will be taught to clear emotional and psychosomatic blockages in the body that keep one’s “true voice” from coming through. This training will help free one’s “real voice” from the “assumed voice,” you know, the one you created to tell all of your lies. By freeing the “true voice” from the psychological blocks created and stored in the body, this technique has been able to facilitate a tremendous amount of emotional healing in students. Plus, they may get the added benefit of a better singing voice. It can be described as a form of quantum vibrational healing combined with intuitive bodywork.