“Jamie Feldstein is an interviewer extraordinaire! She is profoundly astute and dangerously informed. With each subject, Jamie weaves a fascinating and compelling narrative giving the listener the intellectual respect he or she deserves. Ms. Feldstein’s experience enables her to navigate the perilous isthmus between deeply personal issues and humor with grace and aplomb. My only regret was the brevity of our 60 minute interview.”
Frank Ferrante

inspirational speaker, life coach, author and subject of the highly acclaimed documentary, May I Be Frank.


“Jamie was patient, compassionate, listened carefully and gave me helpful guidance during a very difficult time in my life. The environment that Jamie created allowed me to feel comfortable to be myself and gave me the insight I needed to change and grow!”
Juliet T.


“I highly recommend Jamie since she is very bright, intuitive and a open, giving person. Her dedication to her therapeutic work is amazing and I know she will benefit all clients who work with her to heal issues stopping you from living your life to the fullest. She has great energy and will soar in her work for sure! You will be blessed to work with her. 
Jamie has been a bright presence at some of my events to help me build community and everyone that meets her loves her…including ME:)”
Renee Piane
Voted #1 Dating Coach, Love Designer, and Author


“Jamie was a spectacular therapist. I worked with Jamie at A New Journey and she was compassionate, bright, and really connected well to her clients. She is knowledgable and insightful about the field and was a great mentor. It was wonderful working with Jamie!”
Kelli Miller, MSW


“I have had the great honor and privilege of working with Jamie on a number of occasions in multiple arenas. She is not only a consummate professional—dedicated, motivated, ethical—she provides a level of personal attention that is difficult to surpass. She is able to both attract people and put them at ease with her upbeat manner and positive outlook. In short, Jamie is an asset to any organization and a gift to any prospective client or patient.”
Charmayne Gien-Rule
Art Director / Director of Creative Services


“During the 15 years I have known Jamie, she has distinguished herself as a conscientious and energetic pioneer in both the corporate world and now as a Marriage & Family Therapy Intern/Psychotherapist. I have enormous respect for her teaching and leadership skills.”
Jill Thomas
IS Project Manager


“I have always been impressed with Jamie’s energy, intelligence, enthusiasm, warmth and wonderful spirit.”
Alex Guthrie