2 Years, 2 Weeks & 1 Doggie Llama

Tugger2Two years ago mid-May, I woke up in a fog. It was dark gray, stubborn and I couldn’t shake it no matter how much coffee I drank, how much yoga I did, how much sleep I got, or how many roses or massages my lover bestowed upon me.  And it was getting progressively darker…approaching blackout.

My intuition led me to a few healers on the Westside and I landed in a doctor’s office, told I had a litany of dis-eases …and that they were all TOTALLY REVERSIBLE.

Fast forward two years. I woke up in a milky fog, not quite as bleak as the stubborn gray from 2 years ago but bleak nonetheless. I know my body well and I was acutely aware that some recent changes were not a sign of optimal health: including but not limited to – a metallic taste in my mouth, lethargy akin to a gas tank being on empty and a low-grade fever. I had the obligatory blood and urine tests done and came to find out out that I now have synergistic metal toxicity…wtf? 6 heavy metals wreaking havoc in my body…how can that be when I had more than 60 IV’s 2 years ago?!

I allowed myself time to cry, rant, rave and embrace self-pity for 24 hours with the following thoughts swirling through my head:  “I already went through this and came out the other side better than ever…wtf? ” “Why me?”&  “Really?! I don’t have time to be sick…I have a big beautiful life to live, clients to see, books to write, events to produce and jewelry and t-shirts to design that stores want delivered yesterday.”

The next morning was a Sunday…May 1st to be exact, 2 weeks ago today.  I tumbled out of bed and took a walk on Main Street with my dear friend Mia. We stopped at our regular haunts, I ran into an old friend at Much Love Animal Rescue and when I mentioned that I’d love to adopt a dog, he said “Yeah, I think that energy would be great for you.” He had no idea how much those words would resonate with me in the coming weeks.

Mia & I played with the precious pups, tried on some fun & exotic jewelry and then, as we were approaching the Coffee Bean, l stopped in my tracks. I turned to my friend and  said…OMG, look! See that scruffy-looking thing in the window? THAT is my dog!” I didn’t know if it was a he or a she or if  the pup was even up for a adoption but something magnetic drew me inside. The puppy was sweet, cuddly and jumped right into my lap. There was no rhyme or reason but I knew I had to figure out a way to provide this creature with a forever home.

That was 2 weeks ago and  I was told that he (Tugger aka the Doggie Llama)  had gotten his shots, had been treated for kennel cough and that he had been neutered. Well, none of the above were true. In addition, I came to find out that he had been dropped at a shelter in South Central days before and just happened to be scooped up with his buddy Fozzie Bear and taken to the Take Me Adoption site at the Animal Wellness Center that fateful Sunday morning.  Zen and Kismet were names on the docket…and although they worked for me, no response from said pup. TUGGER suits him to a T;)

I took him home with me that day and since that time he has succumbed to myriad antibiotics & shots, all with grace and dignity. The following day I had a phone consult with my doctor and what I intuitively thought about my health was true. My body was toxic and I would need to embrace IV chelation therapy AGAIN. The good news is that TUGGER aka the Doggie Llama is my constant companion on this journey and that there is a light shining very brightly at the end of both of our proverbial healing tunnels.

xoxo Jamie & Tugger