Welcome To My Inner Sanctum!

quoteIt is truly an honor to be a partner in the process of transformation and embark on the journey toward understanding and wholeness. I welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and provide you with the highest quality of care in a caring and supportive environment.

I believe at any given point we are either moving toward something or away from something. Myriad factors ranging the gamut from mere circumstance to genetic predisposition contribute to a basic design for living. It is this ‘imprint’ which informs how we engage in life and with others on a daily basis.

It is inevitable that we encounter rough spots along the way, perhaps an impasse or two. How we respond to these challenges may ultimately decide our fate. Challenges can present themselves as one or more of the following: a personal loss, a change in family structure, a health crisis, a career change, a societal tragedy and/or an environmental disaster.

The common thread is that at each juncture choices need to be made. By not making a choice and letting life happen to us, we may find ourselves traveling aimlessly and living in fear and darkness. By making a choice to take the ‘known’ and well-traveled path we will experience immediate relief. But for how long?

It is only by taking a leap of faith and venturing into the ‘unknown’ that we can attain true freedom and flourish. In my own experience, choosing a less defined path has required taking many leaps of faith. These points of departure have resulted in clarity, peace of mind, an inner-knowing and compassion for self and others.

As I see it, my role is to both collaborate and assist you on the journey toward empowerment and effective change. We embark on this adventure together as both architect and archaeologist, exploring self defeating myths and skewed perceptions that are no longer effective, having clearly outstayed their welcome. Once we clear away the wreckage, there are endless opportunities for personal growth and effective change.

I welcome your call for additional information and/or a free assessment: 310.968.8974

Jamie Feldstein, M.A., L.M.F.T., Holistic Psychotherapy